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The Surein Foundation Scholarship

In 2024, a total of 9 scholarships are available from the Surein Foundation. About 80 recipients per annum are honoured.


1. School-based scholarships:

   a) The “Surein Foundation Scholarship”, tenable at the “Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science and Creativity”, was established in 2020. It awards achievements in environmental education, and in promoting sustainability. Scholarships are awarded once per year. The amount is HK$1,500 per annum, to be shared by 5 students.

   b) The “Surein (Lam Tze Yung Lau Lai Ying) Scholarship”, was established in 2021. It is tenable at the Pui Kiu Middle School Hong Kong, is award full-time students who are outstanding in academic studies and green extra-curricular activities. Scholarships are awarded once per year, to no more than 10 students, at a total sum of HK$5,000.

   c) The "Surein Foundation Scholarship", was established in 2021. It is tenable at the Baptist University Hong Kong, rewards high-achieving full-time undergraduates to study bioresource and agricultural science. Two Scholarships are available per year, each at HK$5,000.

   d) The “Surein (Kwan Fu Yuan, Lo Miu Wah) Environmental Scholarship",is tenable at the QCOBA Secondary School. Founded in 2023, it awards students who are outstanding and enthusiastic in extra-curricular environmental educational functions. A total of 36 students may be awarded scholarships at a sum of not be more than $10,000 per year. A separate scholarship, at $1,500, is awarded to the School’s graduate who is to study environmental subjects in a recognised university, based on public examination results.

2. Non-School-Based Scholarships

   a) The “Surein (Loveramics) Environmental Scholarship” was established in 2022 for students of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to pursue studies and environment-related activities. Applications may be made to the Surein Foundation. The total amount to be awarded is not to exceed HK$10,000 per annum, for no more than 10 students (4 primary students @ $500, 4 secondary students @1,200, and 2 university students @$1,600).

   b) The “Surein (Build King) Environmental Scholarship” was founded in 2023 to promote research on mitigating environmental issues (carbon emission, noise, fume, waste water, ventilation, transport, greening, dust etc) during construction projects. Applications from undergraduates (inclusive of high diploma students) and post-graduate students of Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area should apply to the Surein Foundation in response to announcements in the Surein Website. The scholarship is $10,000 per annum.

   c) The “Surein Study Tour Scholarship” was established in 2023. It is open to applications from university and secondary school students (teaching staff may be included where justified), to make study-tours on organic farming / food production, rubbish classification, clean transport etc in places outside of Hong Kong, and in the Greater Bay Area. If justified, the location may be extended to other countries. Total award is $5,000, to be shared by < 10 applicants.

3. Surein Foundation Distinguished Lectures:


   a) The “Surein Foundation Distinguished Lecture on Sustainability" was established in the Department of Geography, the University of Hong Kong in 2022, to honour and award internationally acclaimed scholars in delivering distinguished Lectures on Geography and Sustainability. These public lectures are arranged by HKU and held in HKU premises. The Distinguished scholar is rewarded a scholarship of HK$10,000.


   b) The “Surein (Fanny & James Kwan) Environmental Scholarship” is established in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Hong Kong, to support projects, lectures, studies and / or training programmes related to environmental protection education with a focus on green energy and sustainable technology. The distinguished scholar is HK$10,000.



   1) The Surein Foundation Scholarship Committee is a standing committee serval by volunteers. The work is to scrutinise applications, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval of the awards. The decision of the Directors shall be final.


   2) For School-based scholarships, the Foundation fully respects the academic integrity and independence of School authorities in respect of the nomination, short-listing and approval of recipients, as well as in the allocation of scholarship sums.


   3) In respect of Non-School-based Scholarships, applications are invited openly via the Foundation’s Website, and scrutinised by the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee. Results are announced in the Foundation’s Website.


Surein Foundation


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