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【More than Talking Weather】

Faced with global ecological imbalances and climatic crises, especially changing Arctic temperatures, what could be done? That was part of the theme of a public seminar on April 13 by Dr. Nicky Lam, Associate Professor of the Department of Geography, the University of Hong Kong. The Talk, hosted by the Surein Foundation and delivered at its multi-function room, was attended by a mixed audience from all walks of life. Dr Lam’s address, which began with Xuelong 2, covered UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the trend of Arctic temperatures, and the impact on the ecological environment and international shipping. He also explained the impacts of such alarming phenomena as hot-island, green-house, and rising sea-levels, and all of these are not to be taken for granted.

At the conclusion, a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Dr. Lam by Mrs. Brenda Lam and Dr. Ernest Lee, directors of Surein Foundation, on behalf of all present. The Seminar, enjoyed by over 30 people, was a great success.


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