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【Surein Foundation’s 2024 Distinguished Seminar in Geography and Sustainable Development Delivered】

The “Surein Foundation Distinguished Seminar in Geography and Sustainable Development” 2024 was delivered on April 11 by Prof Ouyang Zhiyun at the University of Hong Kong before a large audience of researchers, students, and friends of the Surein Foundation.

Entitled "Integrating Natural Capital into Policy and Finance for Transformation in China", Professor Ouyang enlightened the floor on international ecological research and the promotion of harmonious development between human and nature. He also introduced the development of "Gross Ecosystem Product" (GEP), highlighting the role of natural resource investments in GDP. He then illustrated his GEP project in the Shenzhen SEZ with an abundance of graphs and maps.

Prof Ouyang is Director of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The “Distinguished Seminar in Geography and Sustainable  Development” is one of two scholarship projects set up by the Surein Foundation in 2022 in The University of Hong Kong.

Before ending, Mrs. Brenda Lam and Dr. Ernest Lee, directors of the Surein Foundation, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Professor Ouyang on behalf of all present.


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