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"Carbon Neutral Lifestyle – Winning Artworks of Surein Foundation Competitions 2023"

Public Exhibition

"Carbon Neutral Lifestyle – Winning Artworks of

Surein Foundation Competitions 2023"

27 Jan to 16 March 2024

The Surein Foundation and the Sun Museum are pleased to present a public exhibition on the theme of environmental protection. It showcases 26 winning entries from the Surein Foundation competitions held in 2023 and will be on till 16 March.

In the summer of 2023, the Foundation organised painting, colouring and Chinese calligraphy competitions to encourage a low-carbon lifestyle. They aim to promote use of clean energy to people of different ages and approach the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

A total of 500 entries were received. Participants were divided into Open, Upper Secondary Students, Upper Primary to Lower Secondary Students, Lower Primary Students, and Kindergarten Pupils and Parents. The first four categories took part in a painting competition, while the Kindergarten Pupils and Parents group was invited to paint a colouring sheet.

The Exhibition features the artworks of first, second and third prizes from different categories. In the Open Category, the first prize winner, Liu Yick Man used the symbol of infinity to represent the unlimited possibilities of a sustainable future through carbon neutrality. The Upper Secondary first prize winner Yeung Man Yat depicted various low-carbon lifestyle practices around notable landmarks in Hong Kong. The first prize winner of the Upper Primary to Lower Secondary Students Category, Lam Wing Yu, skillfully painted the Earth as two contrasting halves, highlighting the positive changes brought about by an eco-friendly lifestyle. The Lower Primary first prize winner Lo Kin Ho portrayed a healthy garden with playful strokes, where everyone wore happy smiles. For the colouring works in the Kindergarten Pupils and Parents Category, the first prize winner, Mandy Wu, painted with vibrant shades of hues, featuring cute cartoon characters and conveying messages about energy-saving and waste reduction.

The Chinese calligraphy competition was for Secondary and Primary School students, aiming to apply art to advocate planting trees, reducing emissions, caring for the Earth, cherishing food, recycling, conserving the rural areas, and using green transport.

Adjudication was done by a panel of judges led by Mr. Yeung Chun Tong, Director of Sun Museum. In his views, "these competitions reflect a significant level of environmental awareness among people of different ages in society. They have managed to grasp the key points of low-carbon living and present this message through creativity and techniques. Sun Museum hopes that this educational exhibition will further bring to the public attention of reducing emissions and carbon footprint, sustaining the beauty of our planet."

The Sun Museum is housed on the 4th floor of SML Tower along the Kwun Tong waterfront, 165 Hoi Bun Road, Kowloon. Admission is free.


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