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【香港樹賢基金慶祝五週年紀念展覽會】 圓滿舉行!

一連三天的 “香港樹賢基金慶祝五週年紀念展覽會“,昨天已經在機場亞博展覽圓滿結束了。樹賢基金展攤前,人流絡繹,反應良好。在《樹賢基金嘉賓題名冊》上留名的,就有兩百之數,包括從大灣區專誠來指導的朋友。他們除親赴現場支持外,還將花籃金折現,以捐款方式支持環保教育。


The Surein Foundation’s 5th Anniversary Exhibition, held from 30/6 to 2/7/2023, at the ESG Expo at the Airport Asia-World Expo Site, has been satisfactorily completed. About 200 people have signed on the Surein Visitors' Book. Our visions and missions are now known to more people.

We are grateful for the support and encouragement. We shall follow them up asap.

國際奧伊斯嘉香港主席 江子榮太平紳士 MH 在典禮中致詞


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