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【Hong Kong Marine Conservation and Biodiversity Talk and Field Trip】

On Saturday, March 16th, organized by Surein Foundation and sponsored by the Environmental and Nature Conservation Fund, the "Hong Kong Marine Conservation and Biodiversity Talk and Field Trip" took place with great success.

The thematic talk, led by the University of Hong Kong Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS) Professor Gray Wiiliam and Dr. Phil Thompson, focused on the ecological aspects of marine protected areas. Participants were enlightened on topics such as marine debris, plastic waste and their classification before heading to SWIMS for a practical session. In the afternoon, attendees alongside SWIMS experts, ventured to Cape D'Aguilar, Lap Sap Wan for a coastal clean-up activity.

During the shoreline cleaning process, participants learned to categorize and collect various types of litter. Our main focus was on plastic waste and abandoned wires, etc. Although these waste were lightweight, have significant adverse effects on marine ecosystems. Common plastic waste includes foam debris, plastic packaging, cling film fragments, foam food containers, and disposable cups.

Surein Foundation extends special thanks to Professor Gray Wiiliam, Dr. Phil Thompson, and the support from the University of Hong Kong SWIMS, as well as the volunteers for their assistance in making this conservation field trip a success. As part of the general public, we can actively contribute by starting with small actions around us. Each individual can uphold the "3R" principle - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - in their daily lives to minimize unnecessary waste and prevent marine pollution. Protecting marine ecosystems fosters harmonious coexistence between human and nature.


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